Zoe Hodgens

Tobie Puttock

Sage was approached to create an identity for local Australian chef Tobie Puttock. A consistent wordmark was required to present Tobie Puttock the brand, predominantly through his social media channels, website, and YouTube channel. 

To seek a solution we had to look no further than Tobie's passion for Italian cooking. Inspired by one of the fundamental features of the Italian diet—pasta—we created some bespoke type based on the shapes and forms made by this staple ingredient. The san-serif type with curved edges add to the feel which reflects Tobie's easy-going and fun nature.

Extended branding and a colour pallet were also created for Tobie's YouTube channel, to categorise his various recipies for ease of use by the public.


Concept and typography: 
Zoe Hodgens

Created under direction while working at Sage Creative.